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Sea kale


80 cm


60 cm


Wavy and curly, grey-blue, edible


White, edible, in June and July


Full sun, partial shade


Does well in various types of well-drained soil


Perennial hardy to zone 4

Sea kale (Crambe maritima)

Sea kale, also called sea cabbage, is a perennial with curly, fleshy leaves and a delicious cabbage-like flavour. In addition to its edible grey-blue leaves that resemble kale and grow about 60 cm long, this plant produces lovely white flowers in early summer. The flowers are edible and delicious, tasting like honey with a touch of cabbage.

Sea kale is very easy to grow. Although it prefers sandy, light and well-drained soil, it adapts quite well to other types, including clay soil. It does best when planted in full sun, but can also flourish in partial shade. It is good and hardy and has no trouble surviving winters in zones 4 and 5.